Service: Porsche

One of these clutch popper Porsche 935’s came into the workshop today (aka “the shed”), very good condition at a bargain price of $10. Was just a bit noisy and slow, but body wise very good nick, hardly a scratch. Had obviously spent time in a home of very well behaved and gentle kids, it’s in for a rude awakening here:). One thing I really like about these pressed steel cars though is how well they scrub up, even if in terrible condition (not like this one), as standard car polish pretty much sorts them out. And as the pressed steel is all essentially one piece they are very easy to take apart, and also very durable as these are a fairly heavy gauge steel for toy car.

Tonka Clutch Popper – Porsche – Disassembled

This one has smaller rear tires than the Chevy models, so doesn’t move quite as fast, but still pretty respectable for a friction/flywheel powered car. Like some of the others, if you want it to go straight(ish) at speed then you really need to add weight to the opposite side of the flywheel. Either that or just point it on an angle and let it curve! The faster the flywheel spins the more mass like force it is generating which will pull the car to that side, the only way to counter that is to add more weight to the opposing side. I think the engineers who designed these either expected the car to weigh more, or didn’t expect kids to rev the hell out of them before setting them off. If you just give any of these clutch poppers just a couple of revs they’ll be fine (usually), but any more than that the flywheel will be moving at a very high speed and only additional weight will counter it. I didn’t bother with this one and just point it on an angle, I’ll leave it up to the kids to work out how best to work with it, maybe even a bit more fun that way!