Indy Car

Service: Indy Car

Got hold of one of the Indy Car models of the clutch popper series that was in pretty decent shape, but just not really functioning. Pretty easy to clean up like the others, comes with a couple of extra screws but of same type as all the other Chevy type clutch poppers. This one made in Japan like those, quite a different body style though, and as far as the original series goes (this was early 80’s, even late seventies possibly) this one does stand out as quite different to the rest. Solid pressed steel body, same motor as the others with dust cover and turbo sound.

This one had the usual dust and gunk build up, and just bit seized up flywheel and gear bushings from age and probably sitting around a while. Got rid of all that and lubed with CRC, sanded down wheels for regrip as were quite hard and shiny. Cleaned up body with some polish, this one wasn’t too badly scratched up so didn’t really need mush there.

Gave it a couple of test runs and it took off like a rocket, slightly cracked the front nose bit when it smacked into something, first time I’ve seen that happen with one of these so must be a weak point on this model, either that or age has weakened that piece (which does actually detach from the base).

All in all pretty cool car, very quick like the Chevy’s, probably not as good from a style point of view as it has a few extra pieces that over complicates it. Not that these things are really complicated at all, but the great thing about the Chevy models is they are super simple, essentially three pieces, and that gives them a certain style and strength.

Tonka Clutch Popper – Indy Car – Cleaned up