Chevy Vega

Salvage: Chevy Vega

I salvaged this Chevy Vega out of a junk box, it was very beat up and not even really moving at all. I took it to bits to try and get it working, and as far as I could tell all the gears were actually in reasonable condition, surprising because the motor was filthy. Gave it a good spray down, but for some reason the clutch will just not engage the flywheel, I have the feeling something has been knocked slightly out of place but I didn’t have time to really look into it in any more detail. It has definitely seen it’s fair share of knocks so I’m not surprised! At some point I might take another look at it.

I stripped what was left of the stickers off and gave it a good clean up. The thing is with these old Tonka’s is that they do clean up quite well, this one is now a pretty cool steel toy car – even without the motor working. Scratches, dents, chips and all, I reckon it looks pretty cool. It got that way through some serious play, so time to get it back in service with some new kids and see how much further they can take it:)

Here it is cleaned up.

Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Vega – Post clean up