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Service: Gobot Tank (MR-02)

So, as per my previous post, I’ve been reacquainted some of my old Gobots I had as kid, and this is another retro toy that has a lot of very cool qualities, that still work pretty well today. The only issue with Tank here was his arms (and his missing guns but I’m sure they’re in a box somewhere!). The joints there have become a bit loose and don’t stick in place as well as they used to. Solution – Liquid Plastic! Learned this from some googling about repairing Gobots/Machine Robo, and came across some very good YouTube videos by Mr Bobot.

Liquid Plastic is something I had never heard of before, but is perfect for this problem. It essentially works by hardening a liquid into solid plastic via ultra violet light, so where you need to build up the layer of plastic (to replace what has been worn away) this is perfect – and non-damaging to the existing plastic. It’s a terrible glue, mainly because if you try to bond 2 things together the ultra violet can’t get into the place where the two surfaces are actually joining together. But in this case that’s perfect – we don’t want (or need) a glue, just something to build the volume of plastic back a bit.

The liquid plastic I used was 5-Second fix, a cheap brand but seems to work fine, a more expensive version is Bondic, for for what needs to be done here not sure it’s worth the extra cost for same outcome.

MR-02 – Tank – Back

So, with this goal I took old Tank apart, pretty easy – one screw! There are other screws on the legs but they were fine so didn’t take him totally to bits. I could see quite easily where the problem was on the joint as the plastic was lighter with wear right where the arms were held by the body. What I found is that it is only a tiny bit of plastic that needs to be worn away for these joints to become loose, it is quite dense plastic and doesn’t wear easily, but enough rotations of those arms will do it eventually as it is just friction that is holding them in place. So a very small amount of liquid plastic, hardened, is all that was needed, then a squeeze together with the diecast body while rotating the arms just to carve into it and get the body to press together tightly again.

Gobot Tank – MR-02 – Disassembled

Now Tank is as good as new! All up probably a 10 minute job at most.

Like I said before these old Machine Robo/Gobots are well worth preserving, they have a unique and interesting design and great fun to muck around with. I’ve got young kids who have some current Transformers and they love seeing and playing with these old Gobots of mine, I’m not precious about my old toys and are happy to fix them up to be played with again. I’m going to track down some of others, beat up ones I’ll share with the kids, others I’ll keep for myself 🙂

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