Chevy Monza

Service: Chevy Monza

This is a Tonka Clutch Popper, Chevy Monza model (probably had the Cragar series decals, 1980-ish, was hard to tell with what was left of them!), that came into the workshop (aka ‘the shed’) in pretty rough condition, beat up and down on its luck, barely running and a bit sad.

It was looking like the above picture. Not great, but you can see the potential here. The more beat up the better (to a point:)) on these cars, those are badges of honor for a toy car like this. Sorry a didn’t get a before video of how it was running, but use your imagination, sounded like shit and crawled a few inches. So it was time to get it sorted out and back on track!

So I took this through all the maintenance steps I’ve posted about on the maintenance page (may not have posted on all of them yet, but will update later), bar taking the motor out (which would’ve meant drilling the rivet out) as I wanted to see how well it could go with just the basics. So this was: cleanup axles, cleanup motor (without removing), lube axles & motor (CRC), lightly sand tyres, tire alignment, removed remaining decal/sticker remnants (with citris degreaser – in the states you could use something like Crud Cutter), cutting polish & wax, plastic cleaner, body buff/shine.

Here it is disassembled, post cleanup, body with a wax polish waiting for buffing.

Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Monza – Disassembled

Here it is finished, and running well! I’m not sure how far it will go now on a full rev as I don’t have a stretch long enough to find out, it currently always ends up smacking into something, but I expect it could do 30 odd metres (or more) on a good surface, one day I’ll find out and do a post about it.

Post Service – Chevy Monza
Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Monza – Post service run check

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