Chevy Chevelle

Service: Chevy Chevelle

This is an original Tonka Clutch Popper 1978-80 Chevy Chevelle (Action Series – no ‘turbo sound’), that was is pretty good nick really for its age, but running like a dog, in fact sold as ‘not working’. Which was correct, it was not currently working and did need a service before being returned back out for duty!

This one needed a good clean-out inside, for such good condition outside, the inside was pretty shite and did take a bit of cleaning.

After disassembly the process with this one was:

  1. Scraping around the axles and picking out everything that was wrapped around there with some tweezers
  2. Lifting out any large clumps of fluff/dust/crap around the place
  3. Spraying some CRC on some cotton buds then using those to wipe down all around the motor
  4. Getting some lube (CRC 556 at first, followed by some NOXY) all around the flywheel.
  5. Getting some lube (CRC 556) around the gear rods on the exterior of the motor and along the top joint (not too much, you don’t want a pool of the stuff down the bottom)
  6. Spinning it up to get the lube moving around, then actually needed the motor out as was still a bit rough, and sprayed down with CRC to remove all the dirt as much as possible, air blown dry then a light coat of NOXY that dries to a light film (could’ve also used a dry lube spray which may have been a better bet, but didn’t have any, maybe next time).
  7. Spin up again
  8. Sand rear tires to re-grip as they’d become quite shiny
Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Chevelle – Disassembled pre service/cleanup
Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Chevelle – Internal pre service cleanup
Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Chevelle – Post initial clean
Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Chevelle – Post Service

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