GMC Truck

Salvage/Service: GMC Truck

This Tonka GMC Truck was a bit of a junk sale salvage job, not great shape but really not bad for a toy truck, and at the end of the day I’ve found kids (and adults:)) aren’t really that fussy with these things, if they go then you can charge them up and get them smacking into something! So as I could tell that there was something going on with the flywheel, I was pretty sure it would be a relatively easy job to get it cleaned up & going again.

These GMC trucks (called Big Rig on the original packaging) came out in 1981, bit of a departure from the Chevy clutch poppers, less steel, bigger, not quite as styley but something a bit different I guess. I’ll be honest, if prefer the style of the chevy’s, they’ve got a certain timeless style with that single piece of pressed steel and cool design thinking.

This one had a little bit of rust creeping in the top, pretty dirty, and motor just needing a bit of lube. Very easy to take apart (basically a single screw), a few main pieces altogether and very easy to clean up. The dust cover had saved the motor from the majority of dirt so was actually just a bit seized up with age, bit of lube got it working fine. As it’s the same size flywheel as the other clutch poppers, but heavier vehicle, it does move a little slower, but still pretty respectable for a flywheel powered truck.

So all in all not bad outcome for a junker, took about 15 minutes to sort it out, still some life left in this one yet!

Tonka Clutch Popper – GMC Truck – Post Service

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