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Photoshoot: Tank : MR-02

Before I fixed up Tank (see previous post), I decided to take a few snaps. I really like the design of these old Machine Robo/Gobots, they are of course nothing like modern transformer toys, which have become very intricate, but still have a strong design with cool elements, lines & angles that photograph really well. Because there is a mix of diecast metal and plastic this also adds to the character that these things can build up over time, Tank is in pretty good nick but Screwhead (who’ll I’ll work on next) is more beat up, the good thing with diecast (and pressed steel) is that it takes on age really well and builds up these layers that you don’t really get with plastic alone. I actually like that look, also I think it suit’s something like a battle robot pretty well! It’s also actually quite difficult to reproduce that kind of aging artificially, so if you’ve got decent wear on a toy like this you may want to keep it that way. There are some cases where restoring them (not just functionally but also aesthetically) can make sense depending on what you’re after, I’ll do a post around that at some stage.

Here are a few photo’s of Tank/Battle Robo MR-02 that I hope do the toy justice.

Gobot Tank – MR-02 – Robot mode
Gobot Tank – MR-02 – Vehicle mode
Machine Robo – MR-02
Machine Robo – MR-02 / Gobot Tank

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