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Photoshoot: Loco : MR-05

Took a few snaps of Steam Robo (Loco) the other day, he’s one of the models in the Machine Robo/Gobot line, and getting up close to this little guy reminded me of how awesome he was/is. The great thing with Loco is how easy he is to transform, yet how cool he is in both robot and vehicle mode, he literally folds in half and the arms pop out, yet it just works so well. And this is a solid toy, only Hot Wheels/Matchbox sized, very sturdy and has stood up well to years of mistreatment:) The arms are a bit loose, not too bad considering the age, but the challenge with Loco is that to fix that properly (like with Tank previous) you’d need to take him a apart, and there’s a sticker/decal in front of that main screw that would almost certainly be destroyed in removing it. So fixing up proper would probably need making up a new sticker to replace the removed one, doable but I’m not sure I’ll go there with this guy just yet.

Anyway here are some snaps of Steam Robo MR-05 AKA Loco that I hope do him justice.

Steam Robo MR-05, Gobot Loco
Steam Robo MR-05, Gobot Loco
Steam Robo MR-05, Gobot Loco

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