Sky Rider Van

The Sky Rider van, together with the Vector (same body model type), was one of the last variants of the Clutch Popper series released in 1985-87 branded as “Turbo Racer’s”. It followed the same general design principles of steel body, high density plastic wheelbase, with a powerful little steel-framed flywheel motor and rubber rear wheels. The interesting thing with these ones is that its not really clear what model vehicle they were based on, aside from clearly some type of van, but a slightly futuristic (for 1985) take on one. Like the Pontiac models of the same year, these had a ‘blended in’ push button in the roof, and lighter weight steel used for the body, which is why you’ll often find these with a bit of rust, even coming through from under the paint, which is not an issue with the older heavier gauge steel clutch poppers. Overall a nice addition to the series, providing a van for something a bit different, still very quick if a little ‘rattly’ sounding compared to the original Chevy models.


NameTurbo Racer : Sky Rider / Vector
Body TypeVan
Model Code6162
ColourRed (Vector), Blue/Black (Sky Rider)
L-W-H (mm)
Weight (g)
MotorRear wheel, flywheel single clutch
Special featuresFast, Button blended into roof piece
Summary detail for Tonka Clutch Popper – Sky Rider / Vector Van

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