Power Wagon

The Power Wagon 4×4 was released in 1983 as part of the Clutch Popper series, although technically not really a clutch popper, because there is no button – no clutch to pop! Was added under this series probably because it has the same type of motor as the Dune Crawler (although larger and heavier flywheel), in that it runs a constant low gear speed, and was made in Japan like all the rest. It is a very robust toy 4×4, and all fours wheels are driven by the motor, via bevel gear transmission line from the front axle to the rear. Also like the Dune Crawler (single clutch), this model can run in reverse. Wheels are made from firm rubber, the motor is encased in a rigid and screwed on cover. The main cab and tray are actually identical to the Pickup model, just on a much higher and more robust wheelbase.

So quite a decent flywheel powered toy 4×4, would be very difficult to break and was clearly built to take some fairly aggressive play, I’d imagine all models currently still in existence would still be in full functioning order, after some of the usual maintenance steps if needed, probably just a bit of lube on the motor. The ideal one therefore, like all the clutch poppers, would be one that is thoroughly beat up but still goin strong:)


NamePower Wagon
Body TypePickup 4×4
Model Code6205
ColourRed, Silver, White, Green
L-W-H (mm)140-80-70
Weight (g)285
MotorFront wheel, flywheel (no clutch)
Special featuresAuto low-gear, slope/obstacle climb, 4×4 – all wheels driven by motor, can run in reverse
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