Power Punchers

The Power Punchers were a miniaturized series of the Tonka Clutch Popper released 1983-85, 18 different models in total, 4 body shapes – the Monza & Chevelle shape of the larger clutch poppers, plus 2 different styles of Jeep/4×4. All made in Japan, as with the all the other vehicles in the clutch popper series. These cars were a full miniaturization, in that all of the component parts of the larger model were there, including a pressed steel body and steel flywheel motor, just much smaller. A much smaller motor and flywheel means that these have significantly less power output than the larger model, which may have been welcome by some parents whose homes were getting smashed up by the larger clutch poppers:)

They are still a nice toy car for younger kids who may find the larger models a bit hard to charge up, there a plenty of these that tend to pop up on various buy/sell sites/stores, often just advertised as Tonka friction car. You can tell these from the larger models (if there is nothing giving a size reference) by the wheel design.


NamePower Puncher
Body TypeChevrolet Monza, Chevrolet Chevelle, Jeep?
Model Code6155
Year1983 – 85
L-W-H (mm)85 – 45 (rear) – 30
Weight (g)60
MotorRear wheel, flywheel single clutch
Special featuresMiniaturized
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