GMC Truck

These Tonka GMC trucks, “Big Rig” on the original packaging, came out in 1980, front wheel drive, with the same type of flywheel motor as found in the other clutch poppers (most similar to the Pickup). There is more plastic to these than the Chevy models, and the style isn’t quite as good as those in my opinion. Still a cool truck for kids, but doesn’t quite have that style that single piece of pressed steel can provide. But all in all still a pretty solid unit, as you’d expect from Tonka, and as far as I can tell they manufactured them (in Japan) from 1980 to 1984 in three colors, black, yellow and blue.

As they are a bit heavier than the standard clutch popper, but the same size flywheel, they do move a bit slower, which is not a bad thing really as they are less likely to completely loose control if charged up to the max.

This same model/molding is also found in a Matchbox and Clover model as shown here, so not sure what was going on there and who actually came up with it, but it did seem to be a pretty popular design at the time.

Tonka Catalog 1983 – GMC Trucks


NameBig Rig
Body TypeG.M.C. Truck
Model Code6170, 6470
ColourBlack, Blue, Yellow
L-W-H (mm)
Weight (g)
MotorFront wheel drive, flywheel single clutch
Special featuresSlower, Large rear spoiler
Summary detail for Tonka Clutch Popper – Big Rig


Tonka Clutch Popper – GMC Truck – Front view

Original packaging

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