Dune Crawler (double clutch)

Tonka® Clutch Poppers №6200 → BAJA DUNE CRAWLER 11cm Japan 1982

This is one of the variants in the Tonka Clutch Popper series, a version of the Baja Dune Crawler with a 2-speed function. Like the other cars in the series this one has a pressed steel body, rubber rear wheels with flywheel motor, and made in Japan somewhere between 1984 -1985.

A unique looking style, quite a cool looking little buggy with a more rugged design style compared to the other cars in the series. This buggy features a different motor to the other clutch poppers, in that it can run at 2 different speeds. This means a slightly more complex friction motor with additional gears, though the good thing with this model is that is very easy to access and repair the motor if necessary. It has a slightly smaller flywheel compared to the other models (including the single clutch buggy), so does not get to quite the crazy speeds that those can get to. The bottom panel of the buggy, beneath the motor, can be unscrewed and the motor simply removed for cleaning if required. The other models in the series require the drilling out of a rivet, or rivets, in order to remove the motor, so this is a bonus on this model.

The low speed is the left button (looking from the back), and this enables the buggy to travel up slopes or over minor obstacles. The other button is the high speed gear that is for the flat and accelerates the buggy more like the other models, pretty quick if at normal working order.


NameBaja Dune Crawler (2-Speed)
Body TypeDune Buggy
Model Code6200
ColourBlue (Night Force), Orange (#23), Black (Zinger)
L-W-H (mm)110-75-55
Weight (g)162
MotorRear wheel, flywheel double clutch
Special features2-Speed, Easy motor removal, Slope climb ability
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Original Packaging

Tonka Cutch Popper – Baja Dune Crawler (2-Speed) – Original packaging
Tonka Clutch Popper – Baja Dune Crawler – Original packaging (back)

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