Chevy Monza

Tonka® Clutch Poppers №6161 - CHEVROLET MONZA - 13 cm Japan  1978

Originally released in 1978 this is one of the core 3 models in the Tonka Clutch Popper series. A stylised version of a Chevrolet Monza, called ‘Red Flame’ on the original packaging. Great looking pressed steel toy car with or without decals/stickers, reliably a very fast model, arguably maybe even too fast for many homes! The decals/stickers of ‘Action’ on the side indicate an early late 70’s – 1980 model, after that you’ll find the Cragar decals, and later foil type decals of the ‘Turbo Racer’ series. The main body shape, base and wheels stayed the same, it appears an additional reductive gear was added when the turbo sound was added (Cragar models upwards mainly). as these models tend to run noticeably faster if revved up to max.

(The above photo of this model by Bas de Graaff is from this Flickr album)


NameRed Flame
Body TypeChevrolet Monza
Model Code5929
Year1978-80 (Action), 1981-82 (Cragar), 1983-87 Turbo Racer
ColourRed 1978-82, Black(Silver chassis) – 1983, Black/Red (Silver chassis) – 1984, Maroon (Flames/Scorcher) – 1985-1987
L-W-H (mm)125 – 65 (rear) – 40
Weight (g)167
MotorRear wheel, flywheel single clutch
Special featuresFast, Turbo piece on bonnet/hood
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Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Monza – Front View


Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Monza – Back View


Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Monza – Side View


Tonka Clutch Popper – Chevy Monza – Top View