Regular Gobots

The standard scale Gobots (Machine Robo) are roughly 1/64 scale and are the main line in the toy series. The 75 main models listed below were designed and made primarily in Japan between 1982 and 1986, by Bandai (Popy division).

Model codeModel name (Gobot/Machine Robo)Catalog image
MR-01Cy-Kill/Bike Robo
MR-02Tank/Battle Robo
MR-03Fitor/Jet Robo
MR-04Cop-Tur/Gyro Robo
MR-05Loco/Steam Robo
MR-06(N/A)/Highway Robo
MR-07Turbo/Supercar Robo
MR-08Buggyman/Buggy Robo
MR-09Dumper/Dump Robo
MR-10Pumper/Fire Robo
MR-11Dozer/Bulldozer Robo
MR-12(N/A)/Bullet Train Robo
MR-13Hans-Cuff/Police Car Robo
MR-14Spay-C/Shuttle Robo
MR-15Rest-Q/Ambulance Robo
MR-16Scooter/Scooter Robo
MR-17Screwhead/Drill Robo
MR-18Road Ranger/Trailer Robo
MR-19Royal-T/Harrier Robo
MR-20Crasher/Porsche Robo
MR-21Spoiler/Countach Robo
MR-22(N/A)/New Bullet Train Robo
MR-23Blaster/Missile Tank Robo
MR-24Crain Brain/Crane Robo
MR-25Leader 1/Eagle Robo
MR-26Flytrap/Sanitation Robo
MR-27(N/A)/Double Decker Robo
MR-28Jeeper Creeper/Jeep Robo
MR-29Path Finder/UFO Robo
MR-30(N/A)/3-Wheel Buggy Robo
MR-31Water Walk/Cessna Robo
MR-32Slicks/F1 Robo
MR-33Dive-Dive/Submarine Robo
MR-34Spoons/Forklift Robo
MR-35Smallfoot/Offroad Robo
MR-36Blockhead/Mixer Robo
MR-37Night Ranger/Harley Robo
MR-38(N/A)/Mini Cooper Robo
MR-39Zero/Zero Robo
MR-40Flip Top/Kaman Robo
MR-41Wrong Way/Apache Robo
MR-42Tailpipe/Skyline Robo
MR-43Street Heat/Hot Rod Robo
MR-44Good Knight/Classic Robo
MR-45Snoop/Blackbird Robo
MR-46Tux/Limousine Robo
MR-47Bad Boy/Fairchild Robo
MR-48Major Mo/Fairlady Robo
MR-49Heat Seeker/Falcon Robo
MR-50Twin Spin/Vertol Robo
MR-51Mach-3/Phantom Robo
MR-52Skyjack/Tomcat Robo
MR-53(N/A)/Apollo Robo
MR-54Man-O-War/Battleship Robo
RM-54Bent Wing/(N/A)
MRT-42Van Guard/(N/A)
(N/A)Mr Moto/(N/A)

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