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Good old Gobots

Was digging through another old box of stuff from storage (slowing working through that), and came across a few of these old guys that bought back a few memories. I only had a handful, and another couple that I can remember but can’t find yet, and a couple of Transformers, and they certainly got some good use! They are in pretty good shape but the joints are a bit loose with arms only really hanging by the side, I think I’ll be able to sort each of these out and will do a blog post & video on each as I go.

Having a look on the net it’s great to see there is a decent amount of content on these things, I wasn’t hugely into the cartoons and was more into just the toys themselves, with my bro and friends and just making stuff up, good times :). I love the scale/size of these as well, I had a lot of Hotwheels and Matchbox cars, like most kids, and these fit in with that lot perfectly. Also something about the style of these I really like, very consistent, probably due to them coming from one core design team, definitely retro and kind of iconic in their own weird way.

These ones here are the most basic to transform and so got transformed a lot but have hung together surprisingly well considering, I think my Transformers didn’t fare quite so well from memory so will be interesting to see when/if I eventually find them.

Tank, Loco & Screwhead

There are loads more of these Gobots (Machine Robo) than I think I was aware of as a kid, so now I am keen to track down some of the others, preferably beat up ones that may need a work to bring back up to scratch, keeps things interesting:) With these ones I’ll work out how far I want to go restoring them, I like the wear they’ve got from use & years, but at the same time a little touch up here and there could be good too, will see how it goes.

In the meantime I’ve made a page listing out all the mainline Machine Robo / Gobots, and may generate a page for each with some information about disassembly and repair options, slowly probably over the next year or so. There is ample info about all the models online anyway and I don’t want to repeat any of that good stuff – I’ve added links on this page – Machine Robo/Gobots.

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