Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Legends

Here’s a cool story on on the process of taking a real life car (a 1970 Pontiac Trans-Am in this case) and turning it into a Hot Wheels model. Easy right? How about 9 months design, refinement, pre-production testing then manufacture. Even though these things are small there’s a fair bit of work going on behind the scenes to create a new model, especially to be part of the Legends series. If you ever wondered what that process was like check this out, this type of toy design and manufacture looks like a great job!

If you’ve got kids show them that, then maybe take another look at that old beat up Hot Wheels you may have lying around, maybe a bit more went into the making of that than they might’ve thought:)

Power Puncher Tonka Clutch Popper

Mini metal model matters

I’ve added a page on Power Punchers, as these are a pretty common type of Tonka Clutch Popper that are pretty easy to find, and can often be picked up for a bargain at your local buy/sell site/store. I have a couple of these from when I was a kid, they are in pretty good condition, mainly because these things run at a fraction of the speed of the larger clutch poppers, funny they decided to call them ‘Power Punchers’ as there is not really much ‘power’ there!

Having a closer look at the ones I have, the motors are miniaturized but simpler, much smaller flywheel and all nylon gears. Also the gears seem much ‘looser’, maybe that’s an age thing or maybe that’s just how these things are, I think it’s one of the reasons (together with the small flywheel), that make them move much slower.

Still a fun & cool little car for younger kids that may have trouble charging up the larger models, which do need a certain amount of strength.